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Thứ Hai, 12 tháng 4, 2010

Advantages of big family

Family, a word that is so familiar with us. Family is the collective body of persons who live in one house, and are responsible to each other. Everybody has their own family, a big one or a small one. But whatever the situation, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of having whether a big or small family. This matter can be looked at from several point of view. Many people prefer big family with some following reasons.

One advantage of being in a large family is that one is never lonely. With brothers and sisters around, we will feel joyful and happy. We can get advices from members whenever we have troubles. We can have parents, brothers and sisters stand up for us whenever we encounter problems. In a big family, there is always someone who tells us something nice and does some surprises especially on events or festivals. Imagine, on our birthdays, the more members share the joys with us the more happiness we will get. Yes, we never feel solitary in so large group because they always make us smile. Especially for girls, this would be a favor, because they can hope for a lot of protections from the male members.

Another advantage is that family teach us the meaning of responsibily. Person who lives in a large family are more responsible and sociable than somebody who is always an only child. Living in such family, we know who we are, realize our positions and know what are right to do. Giving a hand in any work is what family members do. For example, in time of festivals, celebrations, there will be more hands to do all the work and more enjoyable when all the member gathering together. It is “ call of duty”. As a members of a family, we should always help each other, help our parents after a long day work such as : doing housework, making meals, etc. Related to this, we understand the real meaning of responsibility, that is, if we don’t do our duty, someone else will suffer.

On the other hand, Some peope say large family also come up with a lot of arguments. It is true. With a small family, and we are the only child, so there is no one argue with us. Or with one brother or sister, we are supposed to argue less. Children in large family become competitive because they all want to be the best. However, arguments are simple things in life. Absolutely, nothing is perfect and arguments happen are easy to understand. Because there are not always the same idea for a situation, a different one may break the peace. So they are common things in life that we have to encounter. It is not strange, it is natural. In my opinion, family should be numerous. I have one brother and a twin sister, and we really get on very well. I am happy to have them. I have few friend around, so whenever I come home they are the ones who smile and cherish me, they are favors that the god gave me.

Big family or small one always has a side of its own. Future is very far from now, who knows! I do not know who will I be, which job I want to do, who I will get married with. But if I do get married I know that I would like to have a big family and a lot of children.

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  1. the refutation is less persuasive .I know arguments are natural , common but what about arguments last long ? you did not give the solution.hope you do it

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